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Meet Nicola!

Hi! I'm Nicola, and I would love to become your trusted bookkeeper. I am a Quickbooks Online Pro-advisor and a lover of all things balance. 

My Story

I graduated from Brenau University in 2012 with a Bachelor in Business Administration. I discovered my love of bookkeeping in 2010 when I first began managing the accounts for my family's small businesses. In 2020, I decided to branch out on my own because I realized that so many small companies struggle with keeping their finances up to date and accurate. It is such an important puzzle piece to a successful company and yet the biggest pain point for a huge number of small businesses.


My goal is to help other small business owners overcome the struggles and headaches of the bookkeeping task so that the owner or management can focus on the business instead of their books. I am passionate about providing this much needed support to small businesses and helping to be a part of their success.


I pride myself on being dependable, trustworthy, and accurate!

Outside of bookkeeping, my family is my biggest priority, including my 4 dogs. Don’t be surprised if I bring them up a time or two!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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